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Email started in 1972.
It's time for an update.

Welcome to MailMosh. It's what you've always wanted.

You're in charge of who can reach you. Say goodbye to spam forever.

Shield your inbox & identity from hackers. Keep your account secure.

Use your regular email, just like normal. You don't have to change.

MailMosh Defender

Defender is a mobile app that lets you block any email in a tap and create burner emails when signing up for sites and apps.

Control and protect your Gmail or GApps inbox by using unique burner email addresses to shield yourself from fraud and phishing attacks when your email is leaked after database breaches from the services you use.


MailMosh Relay

Relay is an anonymous email relay API that lets marketplace platform users communicate securely and privately with their regular email.

Users can send emails just like normal with their true email addresses masked, similar to Airbnb or Craigslist. Simply make one API call to receieve a pair of anonymous email addresses to give to your users.

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We're a killer team with a strong background in email, privacy, and security.

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